Best News for West Ashley Bike Commuters

Legare Bridge Bike-Ped Path Approved

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Ever tried crossing one of the Ashley River bridges on a bicycle? We don't recommend it. Either you can take your chances in 40-mph car traffic (seriously, don't do it), or you can attempt a high-wire balancing act on one of the narrow raised sidewalks. And God help you if you cross paths with another bike. This February, heeding the call of local bike activists, Charleston City Council voted to shut down a lane of car traffic on the downtown-bound Legare Bridge and turn it into a bike-pedestrian lane. The plan had its detractors, but it's worth mentioning that plenty of naysayers lined up to oppose a bike lane on the Ravenel Bridge last decade. We'd say that lane is getting plenty of use, and we anticipate this one will be no different.
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