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For the longest time, we couldn’t take John Tecklenburg seriously. It started when the mayoral candidate first launched his candidacy. In every single photo that accompanied every single news release, Tecklenburg was all smiles, and frankly, it kinda freaked us out. What exactly did this guy have to be so happy about? Was he on drugs? And could we have some? But it was Tecklenburg’s first campaign commercial that nearly sealed the deal. You know the one we’re talking about, the one in which one person after another has a hard time pronouncing Tecklenburg’s last name. Some called him T-Burg, some called him Tecklenbug, and some called him Tecklenburger, but it was Tecklenfuzz that stuck out the most. In the end, we were wrong about Tecklenburg. As Election Day 2015 approached, we saw Tecklen-Me-Elmo’s serious side, and frankly, it proved that he had the goods to win and win he did. So, here’s to you Mayor Tecklenfuzz. We hope you’re sitting down with a Heineken right now. —Chris Haire
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