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Thanks to chefs Emily Hahn and Jamie Lynch, we had even more invested in Top Chef: Charleston. The two locals stole the show when Lynch fell on his sword giving up his immunity to keep Hahn in the game. The chefs showed that friendship is stronger than reality TV drama and made us root even harder for them. The only weird part of the series was when I picked up my phone on a Saturday to find 30-some Twitter mentions in the last half hour. Frantically scrolling, I discovered the culprit, one Sir Tom Colicchio, chef, host, and evil Tweeter. Colicchio had tweeted at me “Perhaps you should do your homework before stirring the pot. Very Trump like.” Why, you ask? Because I had dared to ask why Top Chef hadn’t credited the local farms used on one of the Charleston-filmed episodes. He’s a real peach, that Colicchiwhoa, ain’t he? —Kinsey Gidick
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