Best Oral Surgeon When Your Wisdom Tooth Needs Out

Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery

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I only have one wisdom tooth, which, according to frontier medicine, means I’m wise as hell. So I probably should have anticipated that my fully erupted lower wisdom tooth would need to come out sooner rather than later. Well, some cowgirls just wait too long to hitch the wagon, bake the bread, milk the cow, yank out the painful tooth. When I needed that bad boy out — and fast — the good doctors at Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery gave me a shot of whiskey and a piece of wood and said “hold on tight!” I kid. They gave me modern day drugs, I fell asleep, woke up in a haze, and was back at work the next day. It was affordable, easy, and the doctor was not the least bit offended when I asked, as the anasthethia started to kick in, “How do you make sure you don’t kill me with it?”
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