Best Pairing with a Brisket Master

La Porter, COAST Brewing Co.

Staff Pick

Contrary to popular opinion, the City Paper crew is not just a band of granola-chomping, tofu-munching, bleeding-heart liberals who cry over the fate of the spotted owl. Truth is, our tastes run as red as our fellow red meat-loving red staters. Which is why we’ve been eagerly anticipating the arrival of Austin, Texas brisket master John Lewis’ new barbecue joint, Lewis Barbecue, located just a hop, skip, and a jump from the CP HQ. While that is still many, many weeks away, we were able to get a preview of Lewis’ skill thanks to a collab with our very own COAST. Last year, Lewis and the COAST crew unveiled La Porter, a smoky brew that utilized smoked malt from the barbecue baron’s much-celebrated La Barbecue, and it was awesome. Here’s looking forward to not only some good ’cue but a future collaboration with COAST. Yum.
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