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"Jesus Was Born in the First Birth Center"

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The vengeance of Lowcountry moms is swift and fierce. Last fall, the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control sent letters to natural birth clinics around the state informing them that they could lose their licenses for violating a regulation that requires a doctor to be on call to provide medical assistance. North Charleston's own Charleston Birth Place led the charge in opposing what they saw as a new interpretation of an existing rule, and just five days after the City Paper broke the story, a crowd of about 225 people gathered to protest DHEC's actions outside the College of Charleston's Stern Center. The rally yielded a lot of inventive protest signs: "What the heck, DHEC?" "Peace, Love, Midwives." "I am a CBP baby." But our favorite sign was one that appealed to our state's Bible Belt sensibilities, held by a mother who showed up to protest alongside her child. Call it a coincidence, but DHEC announced the next day that the birth centers weren't in danger of closing.
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