Best Place to Buy a Discount Baby Cradle

Tiny Tadpoles

Staff Pick

Listen folks, if you’re getting into the baby-having game, buyer beware: the world of infantile products is a pricey one. Someone tried to sell me crib sheets for $55. You know how much my own bed sheets cost? Thirty bucks on sale at TJMaxx. Think I’m going to pony up that kind of cash for a being who poops his pants? Hell, no. The good news? This city is absolutely full of flush parents and when they’re done with their twice-used baby products, they often drop them at consignment stores. Our win! And the nicest second hand store we’ve uncovered is Tiny Tadpoles. Located on Maybank Highway, this little shop only takes the cleanest products, and we’ve scored some serious deals: an Aiden & Anais sleep sack for $6 — yep. A baby bath for $5 — that too. But the best deal of all was a cradle priced at $200 online. Tiny Tadpoles price? $75.
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