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We fell in love with Becca Barnet’s work at her co-hosted art show, Rufous: The Stuff of Life, at Redux Contemporary Art Center last month. Barnet has been at this art thing for a while, and we’re just glad we finally found her. While all of her work is beautiful, we’re most intrigued by her taxidermy. At first, we were a little creeped out, but we heard Barnet speak at the show, and she made us feel good about her artfully displayed dead animals. (City Paper also has a history of Barnet-inspired dead-animal-inspired covers, so we can relate). Barnet talked about celebrating the lives of animals by both creating and repairing taxidermy pieces. She can make the mouth of a deceased fox smile. Come on ­— it’s cool. You can see some of Barnet’s work around town: her apiary (a.k.a. a bee yard, like, where bees live) hangs in Butcher & Bee, her taxidermy fox leaps from the ceiling of 1600 Meeting St., and her murals adorn the walls of Edmund’s Oast’s bathrooms. This gal’s got skills all across the board and you can own a piece of her work. Just hit up her website
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