Best Place to Eat Before It’s Gone Forever

Robert’s of Charleston

Staff Pick

If you’ve been a good boy and/or girl, and read the City Paper every week, then you know by now that Robert’s is going by the wayside at the conclusion of this year’s Spoleto. For much of our demographic, this may be minor news, but they should take note. If you’re over the age of 10, then Robert’s is, well, fun. The tunes are old and sometimes cliché, but they don’t come out of a speaker, the food is continental and safe, but the cook peeks at you through the curtain, and the wine is not $400 a bottle. Indeed, the wine list is full of value. There is something about personal attention that makes places like Robert’s hard to find. That rarity makes it worth a trip before it’s gone, even if you don’t like opera and think piano jazz sucks.
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