Best Place to Find an Early-2000s Honda Civic

Coliseum Motors

Staff Pick

If you’re like me (insufferably cheap and obsessed with Consumer Reports reliability ratings), buying a used car can be a grueling process. You don’t want the high markup and high-pressure sales tactics of a name-brand dealership, and you don’t want a Craigslist lemon that’s going to blow a head gasket as soon as you get it home. For people like me, the gold standard is a Honda Civic — and a cheap one at that. Those are not easy to come by, but a good starting place is Coliseum Motors. The owner makes frequent trips to the Honda dealership in Hilton Head and is always coming back with the sort of gems that we hopelessly practical types are looking for. In my car search, I ultimately settled for a cheaper, low-mileage ’02 Hyundai Elantra from Auto 61 (also a good place to look for screamin’ deals). But if you won’t accept anything but a genuine-article Civic, you’d do well to stop by Coliseum.
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