Best Place to Get a New Cat or a Three-Legged Dog

Charleston Animal Society

Staff Pick

One of the tragic moments of The Life Aquatic happens very early on in the film, when Eleanor breaks the news to Steve that his tabby, Marmalade, is dead. It was bitten by a rattlesnake. Though Steve puts up a brave face, we know he died a little inside. Or maybe he was jealous of Alistair Hennessey's three-legged dog, Cody. If he's looking for either kind of animal friend, he should stop by the Charleston Animal Society. The shelter gets anywhere from 50-100 new creatures a day, from dogs and cats to exotic animals. They also offer spay and neuter services, a summer bark camp, education services, and more. In fact, all Steve has to do is pick up a copy of the City Paper any week; we've got ads for available pets in our classifieds section. But alas, Steve won't be able to find a new son here.

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