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Best Place to Get Your Butt Hosed

Center for Well Being


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Center for Well Being
1830 Belgrade Road. West Ashley.
(843) 769-6848

Even if you're "regular," years of eating greasy burgers and high fructose corn syrup-laden everything have likely left your insides looking a little ramshackle. Sharon and Joan, the friendly ladies at the Center for Well Being, compare getting a colonic to pulling a banana out of your tailpipe — even with premium gas, the car won't run if the exhaust is clogged. Colonics were widely replaced by laxatives in the 1970s, but proponents argue that it takes the hosing to clean out all the cancer-causing goop that's making us sluggish. It's a safe and quick way to detox, and even if it grosses you out, it's got to be better than cancer. Not that I've tried either...


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