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Best Place to Get Your Own Non-Surgical Extreme Makeover

Eleven Eleven Salon



Eleven Eleven Salon
320 1/2 King St. Downtown
(843) 534-1101
405 Coleman Blvd. Mt. Pleasant
(843) 881-1147

When it comes to making a new you, you want to put yourself in the hands of somebody like that guy on What Not To Wear. You know, the guy who looks at your face, your skin, your lifestyle, and whips up an amazing new look — one that enhances your best features and makes you feel like a whole new person. In Charleston, that guy is Terrence Michael Renk. The Eleven Eleven salon owner has been in the beauty business for a quarter of a century, and in that time he's mastered the art of transforming people into swans (not literally, but you get the drift). So if your last decent hairstyle was named for a character on Friends, it might be time to let Terrence lead you into a brave new world of beauty. And if you haven't saved up your dough for a complete makeover just yet, why not volunteer to be a model for his education classes each Friday. You just have to be willing to submit to a student's hands and be available from 2-4 p.m. Call (843) 534-1101 to volunteer.

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