Best Place to Grab a Six-Pack for the Pre-Game

Charlie’s Grocery

Staff Pick

Charlie is, in essence, a friend who’s always there. He hooks you up when you’re experiencing that late night Cool Ranch Doritos craving. He’s right there when you still need to pick up your BYOB while en route to the barbecue. He’s doesn’t even judge you or charge you a lot when your stressful day calls for some cheap vino. Charlie is the best. And at two different locations downtown, he can be your friend in multiple neighborhoods. These convenient stores have all of the easy and quick necessities when you really need them. The Jasper Street location even features a delicatessen for a prepared meal on-the-go and the best falafel in town. And expect your day to become significantly brighter after interacting with the employees who work for the family owned and operated business.
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