Best Place to Grab a Taco and Dinner for Your Kid When You’re Hungry and Stuck in Mt. Pleasant Because All of the Bridges Are Closed

Triangle Char & Bar

Staff Pick

You know those nights where some crazy guy camps out on the Ravenel Bridge with a car decorated to look like a bomb? And then all the other bridges have to close to make sure no crazy guy with a bomb-like car is camped out on them, too? Yeah, they happen, and you have to make the best of them. So next time you’re stuck in Mt. P with a hangry kid and no hope of making it home for the next three hours, head to Triangle Char & Bar, a surprisingly kid-friendly place. With crayons and a menu on which your little one can draw, plus big-girl drinks for Mommy, you’ll be able to fill both your bellies with locally grown food, and have a good time doing it. And then, when the bridges finally open, you can head home happy, knowing you’ve just had another great experience at a great local restaurant. —Leah Rhyne
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