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Best Place to Have Your Shoes Repaired While Yuppie Watching

Peter & Son's Shoe and Luggage Repair



Peter & Son's Shoe and Luggage Repair
42 Windermere Shopping Plaza.
West Ashley.
(843) 766-3277

Consider this the next time you throw away shoes whose soles have worn out: We're in a recession (or damn near close), so maybe you should simply have those shoes re-soled. At Peter & Son's Shoe Repair, you get all that, plus you can sit on a bench outside while you wait and bask in the sweet aroma of fresh bread from Normandy Farm Artisan Bakery next door. While you're out there enjoying the sunshine, you can also get a kick out of watching the clientele: middle-aged white guys with hair parted down the middle wearing blue yachting jackets and white pants with brown topsiders. And he was driving a convertible BMW. I'm not kidding. The jackets I saw even had those little gold buttons on the cuffs. Like Ted Knight in Caddyshack.

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