Best Place to Lose Your Dignity

The Silver Dollar

Staff Pick

Ah, The Dirty Dollar. A place for young folks to make bad decisions and a general black hole for all personal recollection. This Upper King treasure is basically the butt of its own joke. But, that's just what makes it great. While most bars at least pretend to daylight as a restaurant, never expect to find The Dollar lit before 8 p.m. or a menu even remotely on site. Make no mistake, when it comes to getting crunk, "turnt up," or whatever the cool kids call it these days, this bar is strictly business. The dive bar/dance club juxtaposition never fails to provide the boundless and inappropriate evening out that you're sometimes seriously due for. You never announce proudly on a mountaintop that you're going to The Dollar tonight, but instead snidely confess the sin via Twitter, all whilst secretly acknowledging you're going to thoroughly enjoy all the "ratchetness" ahead. And hey, maybe, we can learn from that Silver Dollar quality, being utterly unapologetic about exactly what it stands for.
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