Best Place to Luck Out on Fermented Veggies

Mama Kim’s

Staff Pick

This staple of Korean dining is pretty easy to make. Just cut up some napa cabbage, let it brine for 12 hours at room temperature, then take the salt-soaked cabbage and coat it heavily with a mixture of salt, sugar, ginger, garlic, and scallions. And then you take all of that, stuff it in a jar, and let it ferment in a cool, dark place for one to three days until it gets all tangy. Unfortunately, kim chee isn’t something you whip up in a flash, and making it can get quite messy. When you’ve got to have some kim chee stat, head on over to Mama Kim’s to get your fermented veggie fix; it’s not that spicy, but it’s got a real vinegary kick. The other Korean-style veggies at Mama’s are solid, too.

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