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Best Place to Pick up a Tall Boy and Toast a Tough-As-Nails Shopkeeper

Quisqueya Deli and Groceries



Quisqueya Deli and Groceries
1073 E. Montague Ave. North Charleston. (843) 747-4697

Last fall, Quisqueya Deli and Groceries store owner Mike Torres was shot during an armed robbery at his Olde North Charleston shop. Torres was injured, but he lived. He's now back in business. Since then, the tight-knit community in Park Circle has rallied around Torres, hosting a fund-raiser to help him pay his hospital bills. Next time you're dining in Olde North Chuck, you might want to swing on by Quisqueya and show your support for Torres by picking up a cold one from the fridge in the back of the store.

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