Best Place to Put a Driving Range Near Downtown

Unnamed Park on Spruill Avenue

Staff Pick

Let's say the workday's been a real grind. And yes, you could go grab a few drinks at the Cocktail Club or Closed for Business to wash away your blues, but you're concerned about what happens when you start imbibing. (It's a lot like I Was a Teenage Werewolf, but with slightly less hair.) What you need is an hour out at the driving range. The only problem: You work in the heart of the city. So what you need is a range that's a hop and a skip away from King Street. Well, we have the solution, and it's right up Morrison Drive and on Spruill Avenue, not too far from the Fish Hut. The only problem: There's no range, at least not yet. Currently, the future home of the Charleston Driving Range is a nondescript public park that's nothing more than a basketball court, a few picnic tables, and a heckuva lot of green space, perhaps even enough for a driving range. Drive on up there and see it for yourself — and stop by the Fish Hut while you're at it for their $5.50 lunch special.

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