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Best Place to Score Shoes that Look Like They Were Made by the Cobbler and His Elves



268 King St. Downtown
(843) 723-4418

There are all sorts of wonderfully quirky items populating the dark wooden shelves at Worthwhile, from wallets to notebooks to soaps to candles to baby clothes. The ever-changing variety never ceases to amaze us. What's most thrilling, though, is the clothing section in the very back full of racks artfully arranged with carefully picked frocks. The clothes are gorgeous and look destined for a boho-chic fashionista who isn't afraid to play with layers and textures. And then there are the shoes — some look like witch's boots, others like a French schoolgirl's, but all are exquisitely crafted — as if the little cobbler and the magical elves themselves made them. Most are way pricey, but you can tell you get what you pay for: a unique pair of shoes that promises to outlast the trend of the moment and be worn for a lifetime. These are more than shoes; they're works of art.

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