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Best Place to Sit by Yourself, Drink Wine, and Laugh at Juno

Terrace Theater



Terrace Theater
1956-D Maybank Hwy. James Island.
(843) 762-4247

Few things are more pleasurable than sitting in a darkened room full of geriatrics, which is to say we like matinees at the Terrace. C'mon, who else would be there? Surely not the youthful 9-to-5 employed masses. Oh no, it's just you and your AARP card-carrying friends. We go for the anonymity and reflective zen-like state we can achieve watching a really good foreign/indie/dramedy/politico flick while sipping syrah and listening to the jibber-jabber of our hearing-impaired friends over the opening credits. "Well, Floyd just got the hip replacement... Did you hear me Fran? I said FLOYD got a HIP REPLACEMENT!"

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