Best Place to Stock Up on Correspondence Stock

Sideshow Press/Stitch Design Co.

Staff Pick

When Ned Plimpton arrives at Zissou Island and agrees to join the team, his father insists on getting him a batch of correspondence stock. If the Belafonte was anchored off of Sullivan's and one of the members of the crew had run out of their stationery but needed to write a thank-you letter post haste, they'd want to contact the ladies at Sideshow Press. Amy Pastre, Courtney Rowson, and Virginia Gregg use a 1930s printing press to create their paper goods, hand-feeding each piece through the machine, creating a unique texture. And if Steve's looking to freshen up his logo, they've also got that covered — the women own Stitch Design Co. Find their goods at local shops like Lesesne and Mac and Murphy.

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