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Best Place to Win Drinks on the Pool Table

The Kickin' Chicken (Downtown)



The Kickin' Chicken (Downtown)
337 King St. Downtown. (843) 805-5020

It's an unfortunate fact of life that downtown Charleston doesn't offer a true billiards hall. Those of us who only feel complete with a cue in hand are often relegated to back rooms and far corners where we spend more time apologizing and moving oblivious drunks out of the way than actually shooting pool. There are a few places where this is made somewhat bearable by an excellent bar staff and adequate room to play. The best of these is the downtown Kickin' Chicken. Though the table is no longer free, listening to live music and shooting the shit with the back door guys at the Chicken remains infinitely preferable to brawling over quarters and personal space with the skintight jeans-wearing hordes known to frequent some other establishments.

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