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Teddy Turner

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We didn’t think about Teddy Turner’s chances when we first heard he was running for Tim Scott’s U.S. House seat. After all, his biggest claim to fame is that he’s the son of cable news god Ted Turner. But then we saw his first ad. Yeah, there was some hoohah about communism and Soviet Russia, but there was something about Turner that was different. He’s a long hair. We’re not talking down-to-your-ass long, but we can’t remember the last time we saw a male politician with such a gloriously lush and curly mane. Sigh. However, Turner didn’t really win our hearts until his second ad, featuring a Ladies’ Man-esque Lothario sipping courvoisier or something of the kind, all the while promising that this time he’s going to keep his word: He’s not going to lie to us. Although the ad was directed at all the career politicians that Teddy is running against — like Chip Limehouse and Larry Grooms — in our heart of hearts, we know that Turner was targeting one politician and one politician only: Mark Sanford. Bravo, Teddy. Bravo.
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