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Jim DeMint resigns

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Jim DeMint is a warmonger. Jim DeMint is a homophobe. Jim DeMint is a Bible-beating rube. Jim DeMint is an opportunist who latched onto the Tea Party movement. Jim DeMint is a quitter. Of all the things that can be said about Jim DeMint, the latter is the most appropriate. After years of voting for unnecessary wars, proclaiming that single women who have sex out of wedlock shouldn’t be school teachers, and announcing to one and all that he would never vote for a gay man for president, Jim DeMint saw that his days as an influential member of the U.S. Senate were over. See, the 2012 election hadn’t been particularly kind to DeMint and his kind. Both the DeMint-backed Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin and Richard “God Condones Rape” Mourdock lost, while the GOP at large seemed to finally understand that appealing to racists and bigots and sexists wasn’t a sure-fire path to victory anymore. And so DeMint picked up his football and left the game — for a cushy million-dollar gig as the head of the Heritage Foundation, the noted conservative think tank. While some argued that DeMint had pulled an Obi-Wan — he was now more powerful than ever — we ask you this: How often do we hear from Jim DeMint these days? Yeah. You have your answer.
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