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Best Portrayal of a Grieving Mother

Sharon Graci



Sharon Graci
Rabbit Hole. Nov. 16-Dec. 8, 2007.
PURE Theatre.

When I relocated to Charleston in October, I didn't know how high the bar was set for theater. After seeing Sharon Graci perform last fall in the role of a grieving mother in PURE Theatre's production of Rabbit Hole, I knew that the bar was set very high indeed. David Lindsay-Abair's Pulitzer Prize-winning play is about how a mother and father deal with the accidental death of their young son. It's also about how they come to terms with the young, creative man responsible for their son's death. Even how the mother becomes fond of him. Graci's character was emotional without ever appearing overbearing. She seemed like a real person putting heart-sick pain behind her. I was immediately won over, in love with her acting patience and intensity. Her husband, Rodney Lee Rogers, did something similar with his original one-man show, The Tragedian, last month. Expect more of the same with Sarah Ruhl's Eurydice in April.

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