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Best Post-Debate After-Party

Google After-Party



Google After-Party
July 23, 2007. The Visitors Center Bus Shed.

It's hard to say what we liked best about the Google after-party. There were the swanky digs — converting the long, cavernous bus shed into themed rooms, including a backyard with real grass under your feet. There was the schwag, including the free personal Google fans and blacklight CNN cups as well as the not free but easily lifted Google pillows. And there were the celebrities from Entourage, The West Wing, and Ghostbusters, not to mention poor Anderson Cooper. He finally had to beg off photographs. Next time you're at a bus shed event, look under your feet and imagine grass. Look over at the folding chairs and imagine a sofa. I know, it hurts. The next election can't come soon enough.

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