Best Proof That Money Matters More Than People

The amount of people at short-term rental hearings vs. police audit hearings

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Systematically target African Americans with more pretext stops and you’ll gather a few concerned hecklers you can jerk around for a while, but mess with someone’s dough, and you’ll find yourself in a months-long face-off. It seems like everyone in the city has a say on short-term rental rules, and the Council meetings about the issue have attracted everyone from preservationists, to short-term renters, concerned parents, real-estate agents, and lobbyists. While activist groups in the area have done a commendable job at keeping tabs on the city’s racial bias audit of the police department, it’s hard not to sit at a short-term rental Council meeting and wonder where all these people were when black people were worried about their lives and safety. —Adam Manno
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