Best Proposal to Help Student-athletes

Marlon Kimpson

Staff Pick

Make no mistake, the days of the amateur student-athlete are coming to an end. College football and basketball generate far too much revenue for the NCAA’s top athletic programs not to share with their often impoverished players who will graduate with meaningless degrees with little to no hope for financial success in the future. Not surprisingly, many critics have compared today’s student athlete system to slavery — and with good reason. Heck, the college athletes don’t even own their own likenesses. The schools do, and they can slap the students’ names on however many shirts they like and sell off their names and faces to EA Sports for yet another video game. Enter Marlon Kimpson, the man who replaced Robert Ford in the S.C. Senate. Kimpson has drafted a bill that will require certain programs — read: Clemson and SoCar — to pay student-athletes a weekly stipend of $150 and set up a post-grad trust fund for them. If you’re a student-athlete purist, you’re against this sort of thing, but the truth is, the sports world is waiting for the first school to begin paying players. And once it does, it’s going to be a domino effect.
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