Best Protest Song

Paul Allen's "Talkin' Faulty Intelligence Blues"

Staff Pick

Folk songwriter, poet, and longtime educator Paul Allen went all Dylan and Arlo on his latest collection, The Glebe Street Adios. In his light Southern drawl, he sounds particularly funny (and amusingly sarcastic) on the song "Talkin' Faulty Intelligence Blues," a three-chord jam. "Facts are pretty curious things," he announces in the first verse before going through a funny, twisted list of trivial factoids about birds, chopsticks, muscles, Catholic doctrine, and polar bears. It's not until the final verse where Allen cleverly refers to war. "So you might use these facts one day/just keep 'em in your drawer/and pull some out whenever you need an excuse to start your own war ... one's about as good as the other/you can pick and choose."

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