Best Pub Bus/ Place to Hear the F-Word

Seanachai Social Club

Staff Pick

Fookin’ hell. Have you ever fookin’ been to Seanachai Social Club on Johns Island? It’s only one of our favorite fookin’ spots in town, and not just because we can’t get enough of Ireland-born owner Gerry Keiran‘s f-bombage. That’s a big fookin’ perk too, but so are the beautifully created cocktails, the thoughtfully curated list of whiskies and beers, and the cool, no-TV atmosphere. Oh, and did you know about Seanachai’s pub bus? Groups can get to and from the Irish pub via its own extremely green and amazingly titled Fookin’ Pub Bus, a.k.a. The Paddy Wagon. So if you need a ride to a classy joint that’s not afraid to go uncensored, you know who to fookin’ call.
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