Best Reason Not to Call a Cab

The Uber Controversy

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Last summer we were pretty excited when we heard that Uber was hitting the streets of Charleston. After using the nifty app around the country, we were stoked that Charleston finally joined the 21st century with this state-of-the-art cab-hailing service. And then the backlash began. Fueling the cab controversy of the century (because we can’t think of any other ones), Uber ran over the toes of other taxicab operators who were pretty peeved that Uber drivers didn’t have to comply with the same rules and regulations they do. Uber is cool because it basically guarantees you a ride. There’s no exchange of money, so you don’t have to worry about carrying cash on your nights out. Of course, those cab drivers do sorta have a point about the rules and regulations thing. While we’ve only ever been in nice-smelling Uber cars — with nice-smelling drivers — we’ve heard some horror stories of the stranger-danger variety. We’re also not always keen on Uber’s surge pricing (did you know $120 will get ya from Avondale to downtown?), but when we really need a ride, we know who to call.
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