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Late-Night Ordinance

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When Charleston City Council passed the first reading of the so-called Late-Night Entertainment Establishment ordinance, it kind of took everybody by surprise. While we are well aware that Upper King can be something of a mad house on Friday and Saturday nights, young professionals and college students need a place to go blow off steam, right? The ordinance more or less made bars responsible for policing the sidewalks and anywhere their patrons might park, and if they didn't, then the fate of their business would be turned over to a secret star chamber of city appointees who would decide whether or not to renew their business license. Scary right? But nearly a year later, the Late-Night Ordinance doesn't seem to have been such a big deal after all. As far as we can tell, Upper King is still just as rambunctious as ever and no bars have been put on the naughty list.
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