Best Reason to Call CoPilot Designated Drivers

Charleston’s Daily Beast recognition as “Fourth Drunkest City in the U.S.”

Staff Pick

We’re number four, we’re number four! Sing it with us! Well done Charleston! You’ve managed to make another top ten list and this is likely your finest feat yet — number four on Daily Beast’s Drunkest Cities in the U.S. list. You trained hard. Years of thirsty Thursdays, Tuesday happy hours, beach parties, Spoleto parties, Carolina Cup parties, Wine + Food Festival after hours parties, Sunday Fundays, basically any event that gives cause for celebration, has brought you to where we are today. But, take a knee: if we’re gonna keep the title we gotta drink smart. That’s where Co-Pilot Designated Drivers comes in. The genius company will not only roll up on a scooter to where you are — “I’m outthide Recmovery Moom.” “Ma’am, did you say Recovery Room? — they’ll pop their folding scooter into the trunk of your car and drive your drunk ass in your own vehicle home, so the only bad choice you have to wake up to is the nauseating stench of Jäger on your breath. We’ll drink to that.
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