Best Reason to Drive a Golf Cart and Kick a Soccer Ball


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If you think FootGolf sounds like a game of golf played with a soccer ball, then you’re on the right track, because, yeah, that’s what it is. You can play this cool combo sport at Joint Base Charleston. The rules are simple. Instead of hitting a golf ball with a putter, you just kick a soccer ball and follow the rules of golf. Repeat. Oh, and don’t think this game is limited to the Charleston area, because there’s totally an American FootGolf League (AFGL) and they most definitely have a “Basic Rules” video outlining the details of the game. One of the first points of discussion is apparel: no soccer cleats, yes (yes, yes) to argyle socks, polo shirt (colorful vest optional), and a flat golf cap. We don’t know if they’re being 100 percent serious in this video, but no matter what, we dig their style.
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