Best Reason to Hold Off on Branding Morrison Drive a Creative Corridor

It isn't

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Look, we love the NoMo area. It's got some of our favorite places to grab a bite — Martha Lou's, Santi's, and the Tattooed Moose. And it's also home to the City Paper. Now, we like to consider ourselves creative types, but truth be told, we're journalists, not artists. Calling us creatives is like calling a prop comic a comedian. We're like glorified stenographers more than anything. Oh, and drunks, but that's a separate matter entirely. The point is we aren't creatives, and you'll be hard-pressed to find more than a minor smattering of artistic-minded businesses on Morrison Drive. In fact, what you'll find is a paint store, a carpet wholesaler, a recycling center, and a batch of decidedly un-upscale housing — and we don't mean that in the hipster-friendly, faux-slumming way either. So, here's a message to the City of Charleston and all the folks behind the effort to brand the area a "creative corridor" who have given it the PR-flack name of UP: You can call a turd a truffle, but it's still just a turd — not that we think NoMo is crap. We love it, and we urge more businesses to set up shop here. We just want the real estate moguls and urban planners and ad men to stay the frak away.

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