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To get a play-by-play of Mary Clark’s ineptitude

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James Island Mayor Mary Clark is about as good at running a town as we are at giving stock advice. Need proof? Just read reporter Charlie Morrison’s weekly accounts in the JIM of what’s going on at the Town Council meetings over on Camp Road (and take a look at our collective bank accounts). Clark runs James Island (or the slivers of James Island that she has jurisdiction over) like a short-sighted mule. She’s irrational, stubborn, and doesn’t make much sense. Take Harbor View Road, for instance. The half-cent sales tax was passed by county voters years ago to fund road improvements, one of those roads being Harbor View on James Island. The county held public meetings, put forth proposals, and settled upon a plan, which Clark endorsed on behalf of the town. Then, a year and a half later, Clark decided that she didn’t like the plan after all (because of sidewalks?!). So she filed an injunction. A few weeks ago, a judge ruled that the town couldn’t file an injunction because the town is in control. Make sense? Of course it doesn’t! And neither does James Island having a town, since most of Mary Clark’s efforts and time are spent denying, blocking, and filing lawsuits. She’s the mayor of no.

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