Best Reporter Likely to Be Accused if Punxsutawney Phil Goes Missing

Tracey Amick

Staff Pick

We like to poke fun at Carroll "Tumpy" Campbell III. For one, he's got one helluva dumb nickname. And he repeatedly has claimed that he is not a lobbyist when he owns a Columbia-based lobbying firm. Oy vey. But we never expected to see Tump Tump's name in a police report. And we sure as hell never expected to see Live 5 WCSC reporter Tracey Amick's in it, too. But there they were. See, unbeknownst to those who are supposed to be in the know, the one-time super-couple had split. And boy oh boy, was it ever an ugly breakup. Amick accused Tumpy of harassing her via e-mail and telephone calls and Campbell accused Tracey of stealing, well, a whole lot of things, from a sofa to an end table to a 47-inch TV.

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