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Southern Charm (and its merry band of morons) is the gift that keeps on giving. Just when we think T-Rav or Whitney Sudler-Smith can’t get into any more trouble, they do. Such was the case with Sudler-Smith and Charm producer Bryan Kestner’s doomed Generalísimo restaurant concept. First it was going to be a French-Mexican theme, an idea guaranteed to end worse than the Battle of Puebla. Then they announced Chef Bob Waggoner would be involved, a seemingly more savvy move that inevitably made no sense given Waggoner had just opened his own cooking school. Inevtiably the General was discharged. Now a place called Ink & Ivy — an “eclectic restaurant” — has taken over the 565 King St. space. It’s an equally vague concept, but at least it’ll be charm-free. —Kinsey Gidick
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