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Charlie James

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We still think fondly of former 1250 WTMA morning show host Richard Todd. Truth be told, Todd was the only right-winger radio host we could ever stomach, even when we disagreed with him. And while we had high hopes that his replacement, the one-time award-winning newspaper reporter Tara Servatius, would fill his shoes, we were left utterly and completely disappointed. After all, how did such a great alt-weekly writer — and stellar columnist — end up transforming into a tinfoil hat-wearing hate harpy? Fortunately, Servatius is now gone with the wind, and she’s since been replaced by Charlie James, a South Carolina radio vet. Like Todd, James’ views clearly veer to the right, but he’s a surprisingly cheerful host — there’s no doom-and-gloom hatemongering here. Even when James embarks on a rant, he’s clearly having a blast. In fact, you’re more likely to hear James drop a bit of funny than blow a gasket talking about that Muslim terrorist in the White House.
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