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James Island Connector

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What's scarier than being chased by a horde of bloodthirsty unicorns down a narrow one-way street? Being chased by a horde of bloodthirsty unicorns across the James Island Connector. Back when it was legal (that is, last year), an evening jog in the emergency lane of the three-mile freeway was one of the more white-knuckle dares for local runners. It wasn't just the height, the whipping wind, or the fact that cars were whooshing by at upwards of 60 mph — it was the exits. Try as you might, you could never quite be sure if a truck was going to come barreling over the hill and catch you in the middle of trying to cross over an offramp. Today, as an added fright factor, you can be chased by police if you attempt the JIC route: In late January, the S.C. Department of Transportation put up signs informing bicyclists and pedestrians that they were forbidden from using one of the only two routes over the Ashley River.

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