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The Citadel’s Ghosts of Christmas Past

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When the first images of a group of Citadel cadets wearing white pillowcases on their heads surfaced, pretty much anybody with any sense of American history knew exactly what they looked like — Klansmen. Now, after a thorough investigation, it appears the cadets in question actually were supposed to be ghosts, and they were photographed performing some skit about the Ghosts of Christmas Past. However, the investigation also revealed that several cadets took issue with the costume — for what you would imagine were all the normal reasons — and reported it to higher-ups at the school. So as clueless as some cadets may have been about the offensiveness of their garb, we can take solace in the fact that some cadets knew exactly what the ghosts looked like and that it was a bad idea on par with Jar Jar Binks or, gasp, the Star Wars Holiday Special. Once you see that monstrosity, you can’t unsee it. It will haunt you until the end of days. —Chris Haire
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