Best Sign Charleston is on the cusp of being Florence, Italy

Seven New Hotels

Staff Pick

If you ask out-of-towners about Charleston getting seven new hotels, many think it sounds great. All those additional beds should lower rates, right? Eh, our hospitality sources say that’s not a given. Even worse, big corporate hotels eating up real estate and changing neighborhoods could mean a rise in rents. Then what are we left with? A Florence, Italy of the South — a city filled with tourists and no residents. Listen, we’ve been to Florence — a city with 16 million hotel guests per year — the Ponte Vecchio is great, the Boboli Gardens are stunning, the Basilica di San Lorenzo is an architectural wonder. But the local people? Well, they’re hard to find. What’s a city without its locals? Like the corpse of a stunning woman lying in state, she’s beautiful but dead.
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