Best Sign That the Economy Is On the Upswing

New construction all around

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Sequester shmester. Judging by the number of construction cranes and bulldozers around these parts, the boom times have once again come to Charleston. Suddenly, there's a hotel boom on Upper King, while up in North Chuck, the new urban development at Mixson has finally crawled its way out of development hell. (Not only are they building new houses, but they're constructing a tennis and swim club.) And Mixson isn't the only Park Circle spot that is growing. The Oak Terrace Preserve neighborhood over by Academic Magnet and School of the Arts has just gotten started on its second wave of houses. And then there are the folks at Enough Pie, who think that the Neck and NoMo area are ripe for redevelopment, but judging by the thriving industrial businesses in the area and the delay of the highly touted 1600 Meeting Street arts complex, we're not sure that's going to happen anytime soon.
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