Best Sign that Tim Scott Isn't a Do-Nothing Dud Like DeMint

Tim Scott's Opportunity Agenda

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Tim Scott represents a new hope in the U.S. Senate. As the son of a single-mother and an African American from the birthplace of the Civil War, Scott's elevation to the Upper Chamber is of particular significance. And based on two recent bills he introduced, it appears that South Carolina's junior senator will be more of a force in the Senate than his predecessor Darth DeMint was his entire term. Case in point: Scott's so-called Opportunity Agenda. The first bill in the package, the CHOICE Act, is designed to help poor and disabled children get a better education, while the SKILLS Act aims to help troubled youth, the poor, and the disabled get jobs. While there are surely aspects of both bills that Democrats are going to disagree with and that support tried-and-true GOP agendas — let's use public dollars to send kids to private schools where they won't fall under the evil influence of Darwin! — it's worth noting that at least Scott's trying to do something to help out his fellow Americans. So we've got to give him credit for that. There's still good in him. One day, we might even save him from the Dark Side.
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