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Mike Seekings

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Last year’s late-night ordinance came as a shock to many, if not most, Charlestonians. Not only had the ordinance been introduced at the 11th hour, few who understood the downtown F&B industry — the very businesses that would be most affected by the creation of a late-night bar ban — hadn’t heard a peep about it from the city. But what was perhaps most shocking of all was an admission on the part of City Councilman Mike Seekings that the city had crafted the ordinance in part because three tech companies were interested in moving to Upper King but only if the late-night riff-raff could be put in check. Following Seekings’ announcement, the media tried to find out who these three tech companies were that had pressured the city to change its late-night regulations, but they were never identified. As the days turned into weeks and then months, the identities of these three companies still remain unknown, with many wondering if they even existed in the first place.
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