Best Soup Slurpee

The Foodie Truck's Tom Yum slushie

Staff Pick

Sure, the Foodie Truck’s menu excited us when we first heard about it last summer. Owners Jonathan Corey and John Amato have impressive fine-dining resumes, and we’re constantly impressed with their locally sourced offerings. We were especially thrilled when we heard they’d be selling slushies. A drink usually confined to gas stations and Dairy Queens, the Foodie Truck’s slurpee has a gourmet twist. Even though we usually think of tom yum as a hot soup, the cooling, creamy coconut goes down smooth, with a bright pop from ginger, lemongrass, lime, and even chilies. The drink is a teensy bit spicy, but it’ll still cool you on a warm day. We hope it makes its way back on the Foodie Truck’s menu when the weather starts to warm up, because we’re willing to drive many miles for a sip.
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