Best sour beer we had 
(this year)

Edmund's Oast Brewing Co.'s 
Sour Apricot Peach

I'm a sucker for sour beers. My friends tell me that I just like palate punchers — from dirty martinis to black, black coffee, I guess I just like to experience full-bodied beverages. I drink sour beers almost everywhere I go, so to pick a favorite is a pretty big deal. But, alas, I had one — Edmund's Oast Brewing Co.'s sour apricot peach. The beer, made with apricot and peach puree, is an absolute delight — and not nearly as sweet as those fruit purees would make it seem. With a 6.5 percent ABV (an important, aspect, of course), this brew tastes good and will get you buzzed. Meet ya at the saloon. —Connelly Hardaway
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