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Best Southern Grocery Store Ever

The Pig



The Pig

We have a soft spot for Piggly Wiggly. What other grocery store stocks cheap jars of pickled pigs feet next to $5 jars of speciality Hoppin' John? You can bet the only ones that do are in the South. Most of the Pigs around here were redone over the past decade, modernizing and freshening themselves up to compete with the likes of Teeter and Publix. But they still feel so particular to a place and time. We kind of like the fact that they don't have that sleek, megastore feel to them. Instead, they're a little cluttered, a little disorganized, but they've got tons of personality. They sprinkle upscale stuff all over the store, but it always comes off feeling like your old country cousin trying on city airs. Mr. Pig shouldn't try so hard. Stick to the frozen sausage biscuits and fried okra and quit worrying about what those other stores are doing. We'll still love you for it.

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